Michael Schmitz explains...

An explanation by Michael Schmitz on m68k-build a nocrew,org on Thu, January 15, 2004 9:51


> Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> > As shown on http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/stalls.html, this
> > is holding up a lot of packages which might otherwise enter 'testing'.
> Please direct buildd questions to m68k-build a nocrew,org. This is the
> m68k-users forum and we cannot help you except with this referral...
Package             : qt-x11-free
Version             : 3:3.2.3-1
Builder             : buildd_m68k-arrakis
State               : Building
Section             : libs
Priority            : optional
Installed-Version   : 3:3.2.1-6
Previous-State      : Needs-Build
State-Change        : 2004 Jan 14 17:39:39
Notes               : out-of-date
The package was taken at Jan 14. Will take a few days to build. Seeing
that it's only been available for 8 days, and a current backlog of 180
packages for m68k, I can't see what's so urgent about this package to
warrant a 'please build this real fast now'. The currently installed
version form m68k was up to date until Jan 7 AFAICS. The new package
isn't a candidate for testing yet (needs two more days)...
Even worse: a look at the page you mentioned explains:
qt-x11-free has unsatisfiable dependencies:
qt3-examples needs libqt3-mt-dev compiled for m68k
Both are part of the same source package; I just hope qt-x11-free can
cope with such a circular build dependency :-)
A note on how the build system works: new packages that are uploaded for
i386 will automatically enter the build database for all architectures in
state Needs-Build. Build machines will query the build database for
packages in this state, and take say three packages off the top of the
list (which is prioritized by urgency and number of packages
build-depending on a package).
Packages that fail building will enter state Failed or Dep-Wait, the
latter are requeued automatically once the build dependency they wait on
becomes avaiable. No manual intervention is required _except_ for
incorrectly declared Dep-Waits, or spurious build failures on a
particular architecture (these are never automatically retried and might 
really fall behind).
Your request meets none of these criteria: the package has never
failed to build in that version, and has been on the Needs-Build list all the time,
waiting for a build machine to pick it up.Please refrain from further requests of 
this kind unless you are sure we've dropped the ball on a package. All information 
to make this judgement are on the page you mentioned (the 'out of date on m68k' link
directs you to the recent build history with all past logs, for example).
Thanks for your willingness to help,