I'm running a buildd. How can I participate?

When you're running a buildd, it is pretty easy to participate in status update on buildd.net:

  • Send me an email with the needed information as buildd name, host, RAM, disk, buildd maintainer and all the other information that is displayed on the lists.
  • You'll receive an answer with a password.
  • Download update-buildd.net and run update-buildd.net once and a directory in your home dir of the user named '.buildd.net' will be created. Therein you can find a config file named 'update-buildd.net.conf' - edit to your needs, at least you need to change these two lines:
    	HOST=`hostname`  # change only if hostname reports a different name 
    	# than the registered one on buildd.net
  • Setup two cronjobs (please at a random time such as *:31, *:47 or *:09 or similar) on your buildd similar to this one:
    	3-59/15  *    * * *    ~/bin/update-buildd.net status || true
    	57       */2  * * *    ~/bin/update-buildd.net heartbeat || true

update-buildd.net status updates the package, which is actually being built on buildd.net, and heartbeat updates the time in the buildd.net DB (see here for details). The heartbeat cronjob doesn't need to run hourly, just regularly, so that an interval can be calculated and therefore can be checked, if the heartbeat is overdue or not.
As of version 0.4 of the update-buildd.net script it doesn't matter how often you call that script with option 'status', because it checks if the last reported building package differs from the actual building one. So it saves some bandwidth, too.
The update-buildd.net v0.1 script has been written by Thimo Neubauer. Thanks, Thimo, for your contribution! This is a sample implementation. You can, of course, write your own client. Please see the source code of update-buildd.net what form fields are supported by buildd.net or contact me via the feedback form.

Please don't abuse the reason and building abilities as short message method to display 'funny' things. That's not the intention of those methods.
When your are the first buildd of your arch, it is most likely that the whole arch is not yet listed on buildd.net, but that's not a problem at all. Buildd.net lists only participating archs because it tries to give additional information to the developers f.e. such as downtime reasons or so. Therefore it is just a little prerequisite to have a participating buildd to get an arch listed on buildd.net.