Buildd Documentation and other useful Links

Some more information about the buildd system can be found at:


  • See here to see when the buildds update their status.
  • Have an overview what the buildds are building now.
  • If you're a developer searching for a porting machine, you can find it on the developer systems page.
  • You can find an overview how long the needs-build queue in unstable would take at the all_ETA page.
  • Graphical stats. for Needs-Build over all archs (gnuplot script by Goswin Brederlow).


When you contact the porters list or a buildd admin, please do mention which buildd you're talking about. The buildd name is on top of each buildd log mail. See:

Currently not all information on the archs pages are up to date, i.e. the list of listed autobuilder machines and the contact addresses for the arch. Please send in additional information about specific autobuilders and contact addresses to me (ij at {year}


The scripts that generates these pages are written by Rick Younie.
Sebastian Hagen wrote a Python reimplementation of Ricks Rexx script 'do_all_list' called 'debbuildtxttohtml'.