Developer Systems

Buildd.Net supports development of Open Source Software (OSS)

Not only by providing the autobuilder information on this website, Buildd.Net supports OSS development and developers by giving access to porting machines. These machines run under Debian GNU/Linux and are accessible for OSS developers for porting or bug-squashing efforts. Keep in mind that you (as a DD) shouldn't upload binary packages built on (or other trusted) machines, but that it's perfectly fine to use the machines for debugging and porting purposes.

The machines are using Debians chroot package 'dchroot' to give the users access to the installed chroots. Machines marked down for power-saving are available in general, too, of course, but you should drop me a note to power it on again. This will be done within a workday (Monday-Friday) or after the weekend.
If you want/need an account, please send me a GPG signed mail with your ssh pubkey.

  • Machines - what machines are available?
  • Donations - if you want to donate hardware for buildds or developer machines.