Buildd.Net becomes Open Source Software (OSS)

After people has requested many, many times the source code of the scripts that build Buildd.Net, I'm finally starting to make it publically available.
Originally I haven't planned to do so, because there has been the idea of Multibuild, which was intended to be a GPL replacement of these old scripts. Furthermore these scripts are awful (at least those to which I made changes ;) and shouldn't be used anymore. The reason for this is, of course, the history of Buildd.Net: it started as a single page for m68k and grew then to first support multiple archs and then to multiple flavours (unstable, backports, volatile, etc.) and everytime those scripts were extended to support new features. This led to a very unclean design.
One piece after the other will appear in the next time here. Please don't complain, why it's not everything available at once. There are others authors who needs to get contacted for the relicensing (most stuff has no license yet), making it readable/understandle for others and (most important for me) other important things to do in real life.
The next steps will be:

  • getting an SSL cert
  • opening the database of Buildd.Net to other interested sites (please contact me if you're interested)
  • setting up this source code page (mostly done, but need to enhance it)
  • make the code releaseable (licenses, readability, ...)
  • releasing code on this page

Currently available:

archvote.phtml8.98 KB
check_depwait.phtml9.23 KB
check_overdue.phtml8.69 KB
do-store_packages1.35 KB
feedback.phtml5.42 KB
nb-stats.sh2.75 KB
psql_schemas.dmp8.41 KB